Cancer and Sagittarius

These two signs attract each other, but the relationship between them that will be in the plane of love, will not last long and will not have a long term relationship. These signs of Water and Fire are completely opposite to each other. Although at first, these differences will be like a magnet that will attract each other, over time the differences start to become visible and the relationship will not continue much longer after.

Therefore, these signs are the best in sex, as relationships are quite explosive and fiery; however, when the chemistry has ended, they will have just a bit in common. Cancer is a private person, to be at home and with family, while Sagittarius is a person who likes to have a social life with friends. Cancer is a person who loves with all his heart and who tries to spend their entire life with the same partner. Sagittarius is not the most faithful of sign, which is something Cancer will not like, when he sees him with his friends.

On the professional side, these signs are opposite, so Cancer is ideal for management positions, while Sagittarius is ideal for working in leadership positions where he needs to deal with workers. If they unite, they can get everything they intend with effort and dedication. However, they should be careful and resolve differences among them, because if other workers see that, they will use it against them.

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