Cancer Weekly Horoscope

From October 14 to October 20

Work: Think before acting. Mediate on his acts and words of the last days and focus yourself in fixing the things, not to make worse them. It is not good moment to begin ventures new. It fixes the first unfinished things. The result, the product of this conjugation to be able of love is incommensurable and powerful. The affirmations are offers that we become same and to the Universe that lives in our interior. An affirmation to put in practice today: I am a finder of the sky own, of the way shared in equality, of the possibility of happiness, wealth and love… and a question for today: Ask to yourself: I leave the conversations with same… to means to begin?

Love: A compatible person is very near, as much in space as in time. Try to observe his around, there you will find an inescapable and very important companion in the way that is about to take your life. He is consequent with his acts. Old loves will appear and could alter the actual love relationship. You will have to clarify your feelings and to look for what you want from this relation for the future. Singles will be able to make specific your affective relations since might conquer that person they love. Stable couples after having passed moments of instability, they will be able in this period to fortify your bonds. You will give emotional containment and advice to relatives who need it.

Health: you need a sensible diet, more sport and sun and a little relax weekly outdoors. It plans next to yours to spend good moments and for benefitting his health at the same time. Do not commit the error to pass his days following stars that do not belong to you and reclaims an agreed personal way about your needs, without letting yourself influence so much by surrounds those who it, the stars will offer the power him to obtain it. You will have to also consult to your sexologist, since excess of sexual activity will affect your genital organs. The quality of life has to do with the art of being happy, the art to find the way, and the greatness of knowledge to be happy and so it is had, without watching what they have the others.

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