Cancer Weekly Horoscope

From March 30 to April 5

Work: Avoid labor dispute or discussions with partners or companions work. It is not good moment to invest. To go out on vacations at this moment can be very beneficial. Good day for new projects. The Fundamental Laws of the Universal, the 7 Laws for success and the Law of Attraction are of your side… as long as also you are on your side. You will be going through an excellent moment, productive. You will know to search carefully them so that nothing you need, using his creativity and imagination, although the money is little. This learning (or training) will be to you very useful in the future knowing how to administer your goods with increased responsibility.

Love: Positive attitude with Capricorn, terror with Gemini, great communication with Taurus, lack of understanding with Aquarius and love, much love with Sagittarius. Nothing can stop the power and energy of personal growth, unless you are decided to stay where you are and these forces become in his against, causing bad luck, negative energy, stagnation in the businesses and the studies… They will be invaded by a great sensation of joy, that will bring about a so great happiness to them that they will make the decision to coexist with loved person. The fall in love with ones during this period, will be seen spending moments intimate of great satisfaction. Some will finish with your solitude forever, since during this month you will appear an awaited love long.

Health: The key of the today is in the self-esteem, that gives confidence and increases your loving and labor capacity. And be open friendly. The true love is expressed with the service to the others, in the security from which to the others the benefits of your love are arriving them and without thinking about the last aim nor about which it arrives to you or it is called on to you to live. You will create bad understood, thus must learn to ask to take the heart in the hand, knowledge to apologize is fundamental. The sadness is around the corner, in days will invade it to the melancholy, or knowing this will be good for taking collections and for trying to organize exits, strolls or days of rest to cheer your life.

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