Cancer Weekly Horoscope

From July 6 to July 12

Work: Whether this In charge of an working group as if one is in relationship of dependency, you will have to measure its words and trying to trench conflicts appealing to its power to handle the discussion. With the truth it is arrived more far. She allows that some person of confidence of Gemini guides in decisions or questions of studies or businesses. She discovers and she enjoys your bold side, releases his creative personality. Dare yourself to plus every day in the entire planes. Beware with the labor projects or the studies. She reclaims territory and respect of colleagues, bosses and friends. She does not fail to take advantage of this opportunity for growth. She shares with his east partner moment and also enjoys his parrots.

Love: With Pisces indifference, with Aquarius temperamental startings, Capricorn security, Sagittarius passion, with Scorpio tenderness, containment and shelter. Know to control his emotions, is more open to the change. No shade will interpose between the fall in love with ones, singles they will have more energy and value than ever to project and to make reality his feelings. The capacity to love is pronounced from inside towards outside in the capacity to adapt yourself at the moment and to remove benefit from each situation, knowledge to unite the forces of love and by the good of both, it reinforces the confidence of the relationship, that is confidence and is responsibility at the same time. For the majors: Who gave permission them to the words and to the promises to disappear?

Health: The emotional tensions generated by discussions can derive in hypertension, is more prudent with your health, YOU. You are not immortal! It works to remove the thoughts of opposition or your life. It reviews his fears sincerely and try to bring them to a more real plane to be able to fight them. It faces his dark side and if it is necessary it asks for the aid or your friends. You can be a day of great social activity, do not spoil it to neglect his health, control the alcohol consumption in the celebrations… the solution. UD She is his better therapist. Innocent questions to reclaim the way of the soul and to return to the Present Earth, to explore in our inner boy and to secure the health and spiritual Peace: Was lost my capacity to dream in the labyrinth of the reason?

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