Cancer Weekly Horoscope

From September 27 to October 3

Work: Great personal development in spite of the tensions. Much passion in work and to initiate new businesses, enjoy it. Abundance will reach as long as it works on true dreams. It faces the changes of its habitual routine like life lessons, and although one is its routine character very customary and they do not attract the changes to you, takes what it touches to you with the joy that can. It is for You, it always remembers this, which has touched to you is only for your benefit, and takes according to you can bring good consequences or attract the bad fortune. It is for You and it depends on You the final result.

Love: A very important turn in your affective life will take place during this time since will intellectualize your feelings and will be, as are, little emotional. Intimate life will be invaded by the routine and this one will leave you very nervous. At work everything will go well as long as you control your mood, it is not good moment for reclamations. Always it has more than a glance for each situation, remember that the beauty is in the of the observant eye. Beware with the imprudent answers that can cause problems with your beloved ones. For the very recent couples serious disadvantages by questions of jealousy will begin, since these native ones do not tolerate that his companion draws attention, to such point to become infuriated by this situation.

Health: Try in not bringing your work problems to your home. Consume natural foods and take care of yourself or your health, this month is in risk your digestive apparatus. Stress can affect it also can arrive some pleasing surprise, take care of yourself if do not want to order a baby. It is time of beauty, it is time of harmony and of delayed dreams… it is time to love yourselves and to take care of yourselves. Connect yourself with the world, it is not isolated. If one has moved away of friends or relatives it reclaims the contact. If it is fought with somebody try to reconcile the relation or to be at least in good terms. The relations with the Humanity are necessary, does not close a door that will be also closed in the sky. If it is going to retire of an activity, a group or a space that are in good terms.

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