Cancer Weekly Horoscope

From August 26 to September 1

Work: The inner solitude returns and to attack in its life with force, resists this negative influence that can cause economic problems and of health. It resorts to its friends. Nothing good will leave acting with excessive pride and pride. Care, is kind to the dangers that represent inescrupulous salesmen. Personal development in door, begins a new activity or retakes something left, as a study, business or activity of any nature. Póngale all the energy to its personal development and this will result in good businesses, better love and allowances generally. Financially one is in crossroads where desires face to spend in trivialities, and the stability necessity that would mean saving and to mitigate the previous impulses…

Love: The spirit of the enamored ones will be favored by the good humor and the desire to be well, which will help them to bear the different affective bumps that come suffering from beginning of the year. Youngest they must take care of his language, some answers out of position will put the relations on approval and can be tragic for the relationship. It is not obsessed with the pair search, if this only, nor tries to fix your marriage in only a day, if it takes a routine marriage of many years. It is task for more time, meditates in it. Those that is in recent pair will see like, with running of the days, its relation improves remarkably.

Health: The fear often is born from the preoccupation to feel crippled, ineffective, without being able. It must learn to be listened to, to speak with his heart, to have a discussion with his own dreams to allow about your inner nature the possibility of following his way natural. Their opportunities for growth improve as long as it takes care of the reclamations of his body, if it is let be or it pressed too much his forces are not going to reach to maintain it. It learns to delegate and to spend more time of quality to same You and theirs, the happiness must be lived totally and every day, is not an aim nor a goal to future, is to journey of a healthful way.

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