Cancer Weekly Horoscope

From August 8 to August 14

Work: It lets fly the imagination, it buys a fantasy novel and relax yourself in that world, while it reads leaves the problems and preoccupations at conscious level, nevertheless the brain continues working, but without the obstacle or your permanent pressure, fear and confusions… it lets work calm about your brain while you relax with something of science fiction. Maintain in his plans and projects private. Very intensified its enthusiasm and power of leadership in these days thanks to Mars, take advantage to advance in the businesses, in some delayed project, to put yourselves to the front of a group or to take the reins from its relation and life in general. Majors and better profits wait to you if manage to opening your heart, its goals and your spirit of fighter.

Love: Your sex and your intimate life will be happening through its best moment, to such point to have duplicating cares, if they do not want to have a son. Energies renewing begin to appear in your life, must be kind, every day indicate miracles to you illuminate the way. Acts with wisdom, consider that often what only sees wants to see and not it reality. Open the eyes and try to put yourselves instead of the others before making the decision that needs to take today. The married difficulties are at your service of the day, does not finish the day with a fight that does not lead to anything.

Health: The evils from which you suffer will pass suddenly, Do not unlisten the advice from those who are your most beloved ones. People majors will come in your aid. She improves the spirit, if she can days of rest take. Try to obtain that the things are realized, that the opportunities take advantage and thus you will not waste anything than the Universe it gives to you, day to day: the opportunity to progress and to grow in material and spiritual wealth. The dance and music are very liberating… and can arrive, from your practice to know or to find life ways that before remained hidden…

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