Cancer Weekly Horoscope

From January 13 to January 19

Work: It is necessary that it expresses with gestures and words everything what feels. So that more insurance of yourself feels you will have to value to its partner so what is. Not to feel defeated by the routine, you will have to avoid of falling into depression. If it puts his action in the present, its intention in the future and bes not worried of the final result, will surprise it to love reproducing what deliveries and giving back to you much more than it dreams, since you did not wait for anything. Much luck is approached, as much in love as in the labor plane. Superb opportunities touch to your door, if maintain his character in rule can be useful and progress maintaining his standard of living. It has the value of giving yourselves to the light and of not looking for excuse in his niche of comfortable failure and immobility. Each is responsible for the way in which choose to journey the indicated way.

Love: With Cancer sexual justification, Leo it translates into Romance, Virgo new experiences, Libra conquers wild, with Scorpio jealousy and passion, Sagittarius thinking before acting. Take care of yourself if this month does not want to order a baby… If stop clinging to old woman customs and one cheers up to watch forwards can undertake a way towards a family life and of new partner. You can have problems of lack of power of decision, supérelo. You can live on the best years or your life, is only necessary to set out it and to begin to fulfill delayed desires, as today. Rediscover its possibility of creation and puts under on approval surrounds those who it whether supports to you as if no, and it removes strength from his true friends and your inner fighter…

Health: The fact of, simply to enjoy the life and the people who surround to you, can be a goal in yourself in some stage of the life, enjoys the good moments prepare yourself inner to obtain a spiritual growth helps that it to obtain the attainment of its yearnings. And thus to be able to obtain Peace, the presence and spiritual and mental power to finish with the uncertainty. Ask to yourself today: At what moment of my life I lost the footpath of my life? The smile, installed in your face gives back the calm to you, gives energy healing him and physics recovers, it and recomposes obtaining that can confront the moment with greater force and power.

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