Cancer Monthly Horoscope

October 2020

The Sun imposes tests, reaching to speed things in your life that was going slow and will take on impressive speed, and the best you can do is build on the momentum, then that which crosses your path and what will stay at your side (love, work, money, self-realization) will be a seed that will bear fruit in the rest of the year and your future in the medium term. It's time to meet the Star King and take firm steps towards what you want to be. The Sun stands out on your sky high, and this will harness your thoughts and actions away from the usual caution: going to take steps into the unknown, especially to areas of yourself that remained ignored. Maybe it's time to try the new skills development: consider returning to school, receive some form of vocational training, or maybe take a language course. It’s not all about going at a fast pace in life, but to develop the tools to do so successfully. By mid-month, Venus opposite Neptune’s transit points where you must align your strength: forget about the sentimental, and focus on the work, the effort, the attention it deserves in your career. Be alert: a lot of things that have been denied to you for your discreet talent will be given to you, and on more than one level: work and possessions. Do not let that distract you from the objectives, by this time, should be your priority. Towards the end of the month is required to lose patience, so dear to you, and demand completeness with past agreements. It's time for pacts and agreements that had been in the air become tangible and real. You will not accept more median terms, and that will be a total change in your life.

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