Cancer Monthly Horoscope

August 2022

This month communication and movement will be the center of your activities and your achievements, so we must strive, open eyes and not let opportunities go by. We must do what is necessary so we are not left outside a party in which we will be the protagonists, because the movement will depend on us. Mercury will open your month in your sky, and will mark the tendencies of the period. What is it that the Messenger asks of you? The fastest of all planets like the change, labor and professional moving experience that create knowledge. Mercury pulls us out from our comfort zone, and launches us to new levels, to new experiences and encounters. We must open to new spaces; dare to get out of yourself and your usual routines. Mercury wants this month you to go all out, and try to push yourself to life from another angle. There will be fruition. However, you must use the momentum Mercury gives you before the 17th, because then Saturn enters an opposite transit to Mercury which comes into the scene, and quiets the Messenger. His influence will be reduced, and what has not grown then there will not be harvested in time. Saturn has a strange effect on you, and usually gets to rambling and uncertainty, and can lead to losing advancing days of effort. You have to fight against the influence of the sun, as if you go along with the chaos, you could lose a lot of progress this month.

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