Cancer Monthly Horoscope

December 2023

Days of calm and serenity, good fortune for those who prefer clarity before the frustration is coming. It's time to make deals with you and recognize the extent of our reach. There, in our territories, lies the best of ourselves to the hope that we recognize in the face of the world. You have to untie from the false humility that constrains us. Jupiter is placed in your sky high and that indicates a clear path: you must go beyond yourself. Do not let the emotional ballast pull you and leave you depressed, immobile, unable to move towards where it matters: your freedom and independence. And the star of Challenges impels us to go beyond ourselves, to exceed the limitations ourselves (and anyone else) we have imposed. You have to leave the comfort zone and recognize that it is time to test us. This month there is a large transfer of Mercury to Mars, and that makes us bold, determined, and eager for new experiences but also makes us scattered, and makes us forget to put the focus on what matters. Where must you move your chips? You must focus on your top priority: your home. Avoid that pull us toward issues are secondary and nourish us with nothing. Keep your forces inside the home and if you have to look to the future, to be with those you love and care about you. Mercury has the urge and the assertiveness of Mars: just need to do an inventory of yourself, and you go step by step towards giving what you want for yourself and your home. And that's to the fullest in plentitude.

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