Cancer Monthly Horoscope

July 2020

The Sun opens higher on your Sky, and it moves you to success, achievement, to speed work and planning. You'll have one of your creative peaks in this period, and the best for you is to take advantage. The presence of the Sun will be consistent in your sky during the month of July, and the King Star will give you, above all, a big boost in the economy, your pocket and your professional future. We must seize the momentum, and let the work be the center of your labors. The 17th , when Jupiter is in opposition to Saturn, will have the time of this productive month. You have to place the ideas, we must carry out the projects, and we must be one with coworkers. Do not give in to the pressure: you should therefore break the circumstances, because all that is reaped obtained in the period does not give momentum and support for the rest of the year. Towards the end of the month, with the transit of the Sun to Saturn, you will get a challenge. Take the form of a problem without a solution in the first instance, but did get to the point where the Sun wants to put you, you will see that nothing is impossible for you at this time. Do not fear or procrastination tests: these are days when your efforts will be rewarding, provided you do not decay in spirit and desire. Mars in transit to Jupiter accompanies you, and breathes confidence, courage, and vision: apply all at professional level. And above all, do not doubt your capacity.

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