Cancer Monthly Horoscope

April 2021

For you this will be a month of great fertility. If you want to be a parent, this is definitely the best time to try. Fatherhood and motherhood as a blessing that makes us mature and encourages us to grow prevails these days. We need to think about our own ability to give life to another person and training, and improve in that regard. Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to children. And you have to allow us to do what we are called to be: better people. Moon imposing its wing in your sky, and that brand new duties and new realities: fathers and mothers create new worlds and new ways. Something that is not easy, as they work with the new realm with how close together: they make the space inhabited two to three hostels now. Parents are the creators of new worlds, embodied their children, those who are responsible (in any measure) the world of tomorrow, the future. Moon asks us to revise our notions about it, our abilities to give what it means to be parents. It is not easy, but we have great allies: the Sun moves in opposite Saturn transit, which leaves us in a time when the authority and experience are imposed. It is therefore time to lead others. Do you have what it takes to be a parent? You know it, but you have to convince you of that, leave that doubt settled and resolved. If you have children, improve your relationship with them. If you're thinking about being a parent, it's time to start trying.

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