Cancer Monthly Horoscope

January 2021

Life is a sequence of learning. They make us mutable and mutant beings: we adapt to circumstances as they occur, but that by which we go through leaves its mark on us; an undeniable mark, which makes us better (or worse) people. Do not depend on anyone but ourselves the depth and how accidents and problems shape our temple and our Destiny. The moon rises in your sky, and this has a beneficial and liberating effect on your life and your actions: It is time to recognize the responsibility that you and only you have about your actions. Moon opens our eyes to the course of events. This will be a period in which to end the confusion, and we are not always clear about why this or that happens. And this month you'll have the joy of knowing your role in the evolution of life. Nothing feels better than we understand the place you occupy in the gear of life. Understanding the relationships with the steps we take and the actions we take in our surroundings and the general state of our home, work and relationships is critical. So you will understand the weight of your actions to what the universe gives you back, and this will be a huge mirror, which you'll see your full self in the domain of your actual capabilities and the low of your limitations. You need to understand the place you occupy in the world, and the Moon opens heaven to the confusion you are situated, and can continue to give the best of yourself.

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