Cancer Monthly Horoscope

September 2021

This will be a month to wonder about our purpose in life, and whether we are doing that as we dream. It's time to rethink the vital plan that we have conducted or recognize that we have no plan. If you are a Cancer, it's time to take back control over your life. This month the planet of projects and vision, Jupiter, parade high in your sky and this is an opportunity for you to check how you progress towards your goals, and confirm what stage you are in. There is no better way to evaluate the possibility of triumph by looking around and within us, and whether or not we have what it takes to keep us going. Or if we should take a break and return to the barracks to resupply and recuperate. You are ambitious, Cancer, and your ambition is certainly good, inspired by love and family. Your home is your refuge and your reason and therefore you impose duties worthy of a titan: dreams of prosperity and peace, for a better tomorrow and tranquility but a dream begins to weave from the time that we realize as something achievable, and this requires dreaming with your feet on the ground. We rarely meditate that a dream is nothing more than an extended time thanks to projections about our abilities. "Based on what I can do today, tomorrow I'll get it" is the rule that should inspire your movements; you should walk what you want for you and yours.

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