Cancer Characteristics

Cancer Characteristics Element: Water.
Ruling planet: Moon.
Metal: silver.
Day of the week: Monday.
Perfumes: camphor and lilacs.
Color: Red.
Lucky numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 48 and 57.

Cancer is the most complex zodiac sign so his character is the least clear of all, a Cancer can be both shy and boring, or as brilliant and famous. People of this sign are usually conservative and love the security and warmth of home, even for men belonging to this sign; their home is like a nest and refuge to which they turn to when the tension and stress of their job responsibilities are greatly enhanced.

The home of a Cancer is their personal retreat, their intention is to protect themselves, rather than dazzle others. People of this sign have their specific times to be sociable and at other times, to be alone, this is one of the contradictory features of his character.

From the outside the Cancer people seem to be decisive, tough, stubborn, tenacious, energetic, wise and intuitive, yet those who know their intimacy will be seeing a completely different kind of person, a fully sensitive, especially towards the people that they love.

Cancer at Work, Cancer does succeed in any profession, he is interested in the opinions of others and can be great journalists, writers or politicians however, and they may change affiliation at any time. They can work in the public sector. Thanks to his love of the home, he can become a great cooks and housewives, they are also good managers.

Cancer in Love , In real life and during marriage, his love becomes intensely loyal, even though they can get to have sex with others than with just their partner, which is very possible, especially in men, who are open to sexual arousal; however their first loyalty is to his wife and family, as they are considered protective of them. People of the sign of Cancer will love without reservation.

They looking for a person who will get to understand their strong emotions and that gives them the stability they need and at the same time allow them to have the alone time they require. They are excessively jealous and possessive.

Areas for improvement: they are grouchy, they are calculating, disordered and self-pitying; they often change their mood and are very susceptible. They also find it difficult to leave a situation.

Do not make him angry: they hate failure, advice or conflicts; they dislike when someone contradicts them, much less being told what to do.

Cancer Characteristics

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