Cancer and Aquarius

The compatibility between Aquarius and Cancer is not the best that we can find in the zodiac, but if they can be listened to and be understood, this relationship can work with much patience. This pair of signs combine water and air, which means they might have a good relationship but with hard work and love between them.

These signs differ mainly in relations with other people; while Aquarius is a very sociable sign that likes to be with friends and have a very active social life; Cancer is more about being at home with family. This will be a problem for them as the relationship progresses and both must make an effort to find the middle ground that enables them both to enjoy what they like. However this pair of signs can have many accomplishments in life, because if they know how to complement then there is nothing that cannot be obtained.

Aquarius is king in making plans and Cancer is the king of stability and objectivity, who does not like to take unnecessary risks. Therefore, the best they can get will come together in the economics, finance and business, as well as with family and friends. On the sexual plane, they will get along good because each other knows what to offer: what each other needs and what they like. It is one of the areas in which many words between them will not be necessary.

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