Cancer and Capricorn

Capricorn and Cancer are signs that have a fairly high compatibility and also have certain common aspects that help them feel better in the relationship with them. Capricorn is a person who feels much vitality; likes to have friends and to have a very active social life. Stubborn but with a big heart, Capricorns are people who love and are loved.

Cancer, meanwhile, is more about being at home, with family and in the privacy of home. This might bring some complications, but if Capricorn really loves, will do everything possible so that his partner will have what he or she needs. Thus, they will complement wonderfully in this way, giving each what the other needs. At work or in achievements in life aspect, these two signs can get almost whatever they want, provided they know how to trust in the qualities of each. Cancer is more realistic and Capricorn is brave. Both complement to find the best solutions and choose the best in life. They are the perfect team in finance, business and manual work. They can also work together seamlessly and will have good working relationships.

Sex between Cancer and Capricorn will be pretty good and they will enjoy without any problem what the other offers. Cancer is usually more conformist and Capricorn more playful, but will find the balance that makes them feel good to both.

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