Cancer and Gemini

The compatibility between these two signs of Water and Air is not the best, because there are important differences between them, which must be overcome in order to be well and have a long and fruitful relationship. Cancer is a person who is influenced by the moon and this makes him somewhat moody and very sensitive and emotional. However, Gemini is much more thoughtful and blunt with people.

He is a person who loves to learn and is always willing to undertake. Cancer, however, is much quieter and the changes are what he does do not like very much. Therefore, the relationship between these signs may be good, but they must understand these differences and have lots of patience for solving the problems that come to them. As a partner, they will succeed if they can minimize these differences and be able to build a family and bring it to fruition. However, both are very capricious and must be careful with money, for it will not last long in their hands. They are ideal for working with new technologies and to positions where concentration and reflection is needed. They are good for business leadership.

On the sexual plane, these signs are also very different, because Cancer is much more sentimental than Gemini. While one does not give much importance to relationships and just looking to have fun for a while, the other expects a constant bath of love and affection. Gemini is very affectionate and compensates Cancer know, whenever he is in the mood for it.

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