Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra are signs that have a high compatibility between them and the relationships established usually last for short periods of time. They are signs that attract each other at first, but when the infatuation period is over, they see the differences between them and then there begins the end of the relationship.

Therefore, the sex between them will be impressive during the first few months, but when they want to go further and establish a relationship, the routine will break the spell of love between them. Libra is a very different person than Cancer. He is very balanced and always thinks more than necessary. This is something that overwhelms him, but is something that he needs to live. It is his your way of being, and as much as he wants, he will not stop worrying about things.

This is something that overwhelms Cancer a lot, who is often more carefree and tends to be realistic and pessimistic. If there is an aspect at what these signs get along, it is in friendship. This is one of the best courses for them, as both are responsible and like to help everyone. The trust that will be among them is admirable; as long as the friendship does not cross to a stable relationship. On the sexual plane, these signs will enjoy sex as friends or in the early months of the relationship, but the routine will be installed soon in their lives and it will be seen that the magic will fade.

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