Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs and are attracted to each other. This is the secret of compatibility between them; apparently distinct signs that get along better than anyone might think. Cancer is a person who likes to be with family and partner; when he loves and gives his heart, he does this completely and is not a several relations person, if he can avoid it.

On the other hand, Scorpio is exactly like Cancer, although sometimes enjoys being with friends, but likes more being with family and his partner. The differences between them are mainly due to the nature of Scorpio. This is a person who has trouble listening and is very stubborn. Making him change his mind is not easy and unless he recognizes certain errors. However, the peaceful nature of Cancer will make these differences be worthless and so, they can enjoy their relationships. These signs can achieve long-term goals. They are signs that are not going to run many risks and although Scorpio is able to make some risky decisions, he will always think of his partner and, if necessary, will know how to leave.

However, Scorpio is pretty good in finance and, although they are not ideal for managing large accounts, they always know how to make ends meet. These signs can work together and are great for craft projects and new technologies. The sexual plane is not a big issue between them. They are not very fiery signs, but they enjoy the relationships in their own way.

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