Cancer and Virgo

This is one of the highest compatibility in the Zodiac because with them the Moon and Mercury meet both signs of fertility and growth. Cancer and Virgo are signs that may be perfectly together as they know and understand each other and are not so different in character. Relations between them begin with the friendship, which are generally much stronger than with others.

These signs are like magnets between them and, as much as they may not want to be together, the forces are going to attract them to each other. They are playful in all aspects and they like to have their dialectical discussions. However, Virgo is not one to take criticism with humor and Cancer enjoys seeing Virgo get worked up occasionally.

However, this small difference will disappear with the affection between them. Both signs are very strong intellectually, making them ideal for business and the documentation, but should make an effort to control the economic aspect, as both are fickle and tend to "need" a lot more than necessary. In terms of long and stable relationships, these signs can be together a long time and have a family which both will enjoy. In terms of sex, Cancer will know to give Virgo the excitement he is looking for and he will win intellectually. This makes Virgo enjoy relationships with Cancer much more than he would with other signs.

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